Sunday, 19 August 2012


You can have  anything you want in your life, if you just believe you can. Along with many others, the world over, I believe we are constantly creating our own reality. "Good" things that come our way do so  because we believed they would(expected them to) and we acted in a way, and with a belief of certainty, that they would. This is an aspect of positive thinking and I think one day there will be a breakthrough in quantum physics that will prove this theory.  As well as flesh, we are beings of energy- our bodies are powered by chemical and electrical reactions( any biological chemistry book says so.) I believe the energy created also transmits outward to the world, and the energy fields of others, around us. I think our thoughts are pure energy that drives the direction of our lives. So by constantly putting positive, formed, directed thoughts (energy) outwards from yourself into the surrounding environment you can create the changes these thoughts contain. I can't prove it with empirical data( there are people working on that), but I do use this awareness of creating what I want- it is termed manifesting- all the time.
When manifesting, the idea is to say( with as much conviction as you can) "I have" and not "I want/wish/ will have." This is because otherwise all you create with your thoughts is a wanting and not a having. I have also realised you can't maintain the momentum of passion required to manifest if you use the word "wish."  I heard the best explanation for this the other day when I was listening to a youtube presentation with Abraham Hicks ( easy to find on any search engine) and the notion of manifesting was being discussed. The speaker said, " the field into which one manifests is literal." This explains it so well, because if the thought being put out into the world (the field) by someone hoping to manifest is "I want/wish/ will have...." then its literally just a wish or a want that goes out there. But using the words "I have" puts a "having" out there! And that creates energetic shifts towards a physical reality where the having is real, and the new reality manifests. 
I began to explore the idea and process of manifesting about 10 years ago. I think the first I read of it was in one of Louise Hay's books. I began by writing down a few things I wanted to happen in my life. Then I made a voice recording that said I have these circumstances  in my life, and listened to it every day.  I would look in the mirror and tell my image that I have these things in my life. For me it was a new car, a 100%  increase in business growth, and a home renovation. Of course I didn't have these things at that point, and at first I  didn't believe I did( or probably ever would!) . But as I continued to say with certainty that I had these things, I did begin to believe and then expect them to happen. I think that I became more aware of possibilities for bringing these things into my life, the more I said the " I haves.."
Everything from that first recording has manifested for me and I continue to use the method- to manifest good health, happiness, balance in my life as well as certain material things. Recently I've begun working on global wellness. "The world around me is healthy and beautiful."
Some people might consider it "greedy" to work towards manifesting material gain. But I believe if there is no harm caused to any other individual and you feel you want something enough to maintain the passion when you say "I have......" processes will come into play, and it will manifest. Personally I have no "passion" to win the Lotto :) or have lots of money just for the sake of having lots of money, so that's never on my recording and I couldn't maintain the passion to manifest such- but to each his own.

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