Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Yin Yang


A friend reminded me the other day that we are now 14 months beyond the "End of Civilisation" as we know it. She was referring to the end of the Mayan Calender" on December 2012. We are now entering a time, for the next 1300 years, of Feminine energy ruling the planet.... WooHooo!!

I made the joke that maybe we (the females of our species) would  just have enough time to sort out the "mess" that male domination had made of our planet :)

That was just a joke, but I, like many people, do have a strong belief that there are two kinds of energy/ consciousness that "fuel" life on our planet- masculine and feminine. 
The two energies really need to be in balance for planetary harmony....and I'm pretty sure things are currently out of balance in we humans, and they have been for a long while! But maybe as this energy imbalance reaches a certain critical degree, a shift will occur to restore energetic balance......energy striving towards equilibrium? I hope so :)
 Maybe we just need to look at all the other species on our planet. Left alone, nature maintains a fine energy balance in all of them.
Masculine energy has qualities that are initiating, assertive, protective, and confident. Feminine energy is more subtle, loving, patient, intuitive, nurturing, and creative. The two energies compliment each other perfectly.
Please don't think I'm suggesting men are fuelled only with male energy nor women with feminine, though. I think we are all powered with a unique combination/recipe of both types of energy. This moulds and shapes our actions and responses to each situation and life event. It makes each of us unique. I think it's just the way each of our souls chose to come into this physical existence, and experience it in unique ways.
Over recent generations, it seems to me that feminine energy has been a little (maybe a LOT in some circumstances) "undervalued". .... even considered not useful or "strong"  enough to achieve "success" in our modern world. I think  that's the reason people often ignore their innate feminine energy( their intuition, creativity, nurturing side) and run on their male energy only. In the hopes of success in a "Man's World, maybe."  
That results in a couple of things.....a lot of people existing in a half-energised state; and an excess of masculine energy on the planet........which can create a very explosive environment. Loads of examples of this energy imbalance today in our world, in workplaces, politics and world affairs. For our world to have energetic balance and peace, masculine and feminine energies need to co-exist. With neither being regarded as more useful or superior.......but with both being respected for their complementary strengths.
 So I hope there will be lots more demonstration of feminine energy from both the sexes. I hope more and more we can find the feminine energy and demonstrate patience, nurturing, and creativity. I hope that's what the next 1300 years will bring.  For balance to be restored to the human race, and then the planet. 

And a little thought from: "The Journey of the Feathered Serpent."
There is a saying that, "If women ran the world, they would never send their children to the battlefield." This becomes the definition of "mother energy." Let me suggest a more energetically balanced saying...... "If the world is balanced male and female, then Humans would never send their children to the battlefield."

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