Saturday, 19 May 2012

In the Eye of the Beholder

Trevor is an avid amateur photographer. We enjoy hikiing and bushwalking and he has taken some beautiful photos over the last few years.
Recently I was speaking to a lady who also enjoys photography- a georgous lady who has an inspiringly positive outlook on life. And she inspired me enough to share this idea of hers........
She told me that nowadays, whenever she takes a photo of a person, she asks that person what they are thinking about, at that moment? She feels this way she captures not just their physical form in the photographic image, but also a little of where they are emotionally and mentally at that moment as well.  Then, when she looks back at her photographs, she can often remember the thoughts they shared- and it creates a more enhanced "image" beyond that which she would otherwise see. Preserving more than just an image for her and reminding her of the "wholeness" of the person- and not only the 2-dimensional photographic image.

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