Friday, 29 June 2012

Living Simply

I just purchased a new mortar and pestle..... and it makes me so happy!
I should have known it really would because its been in my mind to buy one for a long time....but for one reason and another I just haven't made the time to buy one before now. And that's mad because ordinarily I would have acted on a thought that continued to enter my head- because I think that's my soul guiding me through life! And listening to my soul, and allowing it to guide me, always leads me to happiness : )
I am by no means an expert cook, but I do enjoy making food from original ingredients- partly for health and partly for that simple purity of flavour. So with this new purchase I can create my own pastes, tapenades, spice blends- combinations of original flavour. And I think the aspect that gives me the greatest joy is the physical process of picking fresh herbs from the garden( or dried from the pantry ) and then the slow motions in the mortar and pestle- working them into a blend.....perhaps slowly adding some moisture or oil.....then using them to enhance the flavour of simple food. I find it really grounding.... no pun intended.

 Thinking about why I am so happy with the mortar and pestle has given me a little more insight into myself.....

I think what I call "Simple Living" really works well for me. By this term I mean limiting the amount of appliances, gadgets, machines in my world. Getting back to basics.
Towards this end we grow lots of our own vegetables and fruit- not self sufficient by any means, but a great enhancement to our diets. It also regularly puts me in touch with the earth and her cycles. It gives me the chance to watch plants go to seed, spreading those seeds and watching the same plants regrow the next season. Watching our fruit trees and vines have good (and sometimes dissapointing) yeilds. Returning plant waste back to the earth via the compost heap. For me it's probably the "being in touch with the earth" aspect I like the most.
Cooking simply, but from basic ingredients rather than prepared sauces or flavourings, also appeals to me for that reason.  And it gives me that sense of appreciation for the Farmer's efforts. In that vain I swap some therapy work for real free range eggs. It raises my sense of appreciation for the produce by directly working for it.
I try and limit my "footprint" on the earth by running only one car in the household. After 25 years of family life that way, we did inherit a second car- but old habits remain because there is still only one car in use at a time (and the trusty pushbike!) By habit and default we seem to have become environmentally aware. : )
We don't own a dishwasher or microwave oven- they are convenient for many folks I know, but it just feels like too much technology in my simple kitchen! ( I actually did a report about microwave ovens- their use, leakage and food impact- when I was at University in the early 1980's and I have never felt brave enough to own one since!) Nor do we have home airconditioning. Blankets are great to keep warm in the winter and we're lucky enough to live in a "Queenslander" with lots of windows to catch Summer breezes. Again I like to be in touch with the planet and I think less technology and more aknowledgement of the weather helps me do that.
I certinly buy new clothes, but I also do a lot of "Opshopping"-  taking shop bought but no longer used clothes in for them to recycle. For me it feels like less waste.

I know technology and convenience in food and living are appealing, and I certainly enjoy the entertainment and comfort they provide on many levels. But for me sometimes they speed life up so much that it zooms by and I feel like I'm missing it. Taking a breath and living simply helps me keep my feet on the ground, and notice the life I am living.


  1. Hey Karen
    I have just been reading your blogs as I start to delete personal items from my work laptop and got caught up in your thoughts. Your posts on positive thinking and living simply really hit home as I have just been made redundant from my job and am feeling a bit down and worried about my future. Will try to keep positive and look for the new door that will open to something exciting and challenging. Not ready to curl up and cry just yet. Thanks for giving me just what I needed :-)

    1. Hi Shelley,
      I am sorry about your job, because I know how much you enjoyed it. But it got you back in the workplace, and I'm pretty sure, a wonderful reference! I'm glad my blog could be of some support for. You know, as do I, how amazing you are and the wealth of experience you can bring to any workplace....I'm certain a door will open really soon. Here's an opportunity to think about what you really want to do. Maybe spend a bit of time meditating on just that. More than anyone I know you are someone who can turn very little into something really special- that's a talent not many folks have.
      Much love and many hugs,

    2. Thanks so much Karen - reading your supportive and encouraging words has really warmed my heart and put a smile on my face on a quiet Friday afternoon. I will spend time focussing on what I would really like to do, have a little break, do more yoga - may even venture north for a visit! We'll talk soon
      Love and many thanks