Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Power of Positive

We often say we need to have a positive attitude to create positive outcomes. But how do we do that? How do we generate a positive attitude and what do we do when there are challenges to our positive attitude?
Several years ago, at a Women’s’ Retreat, we spent a session brainstorming about “How to live Your Life with a Positive Attitude.” Participants were a diverse group of (18) women aged from 20-60 years in age. I thought you might find it interesting to see what we came up with by the end of that session…..
  • The features of a positive attitude:
-          constructive thing
-          creative thinking
-          expecting success
-          optimism
-          looking at the bright side of life
-          motivation to achieve goals
-          being inspired
-          happiness
-          looking at failure and problems as blessings in disguise
-          believing in yourself and in your abilities
-          self-esteem and confidence
-          noticing opportunities

There are 2 aspects to a Positive attitude:
1.       Presenting a Positive Appearance:  we thought some or all the following….
§  Neat, tidy, “I’ve made an effort” appearance
§  Make Eye contact
§  Smiling
§  Open body language
§  Positive responses to communications

2.       Having a Positive Mental Process by:
For Yourself
- Always remind yourself you are not less or more than another. But beautifully unique!
- Each day remind yourself of those things you are really good at- your strengths- we called it your “Superpower”.
 - In any situation when you find yourself feeling inferior, choose one of your strengths and think to yourself  “ I  am .....” to raise confidence.
With Others
- Avoid making negative assumptions about how others will be/act/respond.
-  You can do this by realising and telling yourself this:
 Assumptions are based on how you would be in that situation- based on your life experiences. How can you know how another person will think, be, act, because you don’t know their life experiences.
-  Try just asking someone how they feel and be clear before assuming.
- Expect the best from other people- give them the chance to rise to your expectations!
In Situations
- Always expect good things in life and you’ll open the doors to many opportunities that would otherwise be overlooked.
-And when  “unexpected”(maybe undesired) outcomes occur look  for the opportunities they may present to learn or live a little differently.
- Practise “Manifesting” positive outcomes:
1.       When you really want an outcome in your life say in your mind  “I will have….”Or “… will happen” -every day
2.       Daily, visualise the changes this outcome will bring in your life.
3.       Consider making an audio cassette and listen to what you “will have.”
4.       Pay attention for the things that happen in your life that may bring your desired outcome to pass.
5.       Pay attention for any life events/ opportunities that may allow it to happen.

And while working on practising positive thinking we had these ideas:
§  As a negative thought enters your mind notice it and then stop it from fully forming

§  As a negative thought enters your mind notice it and replace it with a positive, more proactive, one.

The benefits of positive thinking ? 
- Fewer difficulties noticed
-Wealth of soul,
- The ability to rise above obstacles
-Positive thinkers are nice to be with……….so others are drawn to them and, perhaps, will bring opportunities their way.

Not to suggest any of this is easy (especially on this planet at this time) but with practise positive attitude/thinking has that potential to make your life everything it can be-rather than more limited.

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